“Around Town on the Web” is a community service that has been provided to self-selected residents of the Town of Hanover since the spring of 2004. Originally conceived as a method to deliver information to residents regarding the first $150,000 request for the newly reconstituted School Building Committee, “ATOTW” has grown into an information resource that hundreds of tech-savvy Hanover residents now count on. E-blasts are sent regularly and average between 3 – 15 a week on Town of Hanover topics that range from Town Meeting news to youth sports sign-ups to issues regarding community safety. For a sampling of this week’s postings, go to http://atotw.com/archive/ .

“ATOTW” founder and editor Harder-Bernier was delighted to welcome the assistance of IT expert Mike Van Lare in the fall of 2008. Mike made it possible for “ATOTW” to increase its capacity and avoid arbitrary recipient limitations by migrating “ATOTW” to a different internet service provider. Additionally, Mike has designed this web page and developed the archives that now record all “ATOTW” postings in a permanent location for residents to refer to. Cathy and Mike are both volunteers that are simply joyfully providing a service to the Town of Hanover.

For further information regarding Around Town on the Web, please contact us as follows:
Content, submissions Cathy Harder-Bernier: cathyhb at atotw.com
Website, technical issues Mike Van Lare: mike at atotw.com